Remnant BootCamp Video Curriculum

Remnant BootCamp Video Curriculum

Special Forces Training for the 21st Century Ekklesia


Welcome to Remnant BootCamp! A video curriculum that has been designed as a companion to Judy’s book Rise of the Remnant, published in 2021 where God introduced to her the concept of His Remnant Army functioning like a military special forces unit.

In this curriculum, you will be embark on a journey towards making the shift into immersion in the Remnant Army lifestyle, it’s history and what the day-to-day habits of this elite group will encompass. It is critical to not only gain an understanding but also saturate yourself in the culture of Remnant life.

In order for any team to function effectively, it is imperative that every member first understands and adopts the team’s purpose, ethos and core values before being launched into a particular role within the group. God has given us the perfect instruction manual that spells out daily life habits and the culture of the Remnant. In this curriculum, Judy lays out some of the requirements necessary in order for the Ekklesia to function successfully and make the maximum impact for the Kingdom of God here on the earth.