Good Morning Abba

Developing A More Intimate Relationship With Your Heavenly Father

This weekly devotional gives you a front row seat in Judy’s private prayer closet and an all-access backstage pass to her intimate times with God. If you’re hungry for a more authentic and real dialogue between you and your Creator, this devotional will be the catalyst that jump starts that journey. Birthed from times of great joy and pain in her life, her hope is that this tool will introduce you to a new level of intimacy with the One who loves you more than you can ever imagine. She encourages you to take her private prayer times with God and make them your own. You have a loving Heavenly Father and He wants become your Abba too. He’s waiting for You….He’s been there your whole life and He can’t wait to get to know you better.

From Vegas To Victory

The Death Of A Prostitute

In this compelling book, Judy Lamborn shares her past challenges as an abused individual who spent years on the path of self- destruction until she finally discovered the keys to victory in life. If you or someone you know has struggled with addiction or abusive relationships, this gripping, real-life story offers real help and consolation for the downtrodden or brokenhearted. You will discover that the woman Judy was in her former life no longer exists today. And whether you are a mother, father, wife, husband, teenager, or grandparent, FROM VEGAS TO VICTORY: THE DEATH OF A PROSTITUTE will inspire your heart to believe that all things are possible.

Rise of the Remnant

The Age of Special Forces in the Church

If ever there was a time the Body of Christ needs special operations units, it’s now. Amid global pandemics, terrorism, religious persecution and the imminent return of our King, the need for highly trained, specialized operatives who are willing to lay their lives down for the Gospel is greater than any time in history. It’s time to call in the special forces. Those individuals who have been quietly waging war in their prayer closets, their living rooms and their cars all over the world. God has been preparing them for this season. These warriors have one mission: Obey God, no matter what the cost.


Freeing Yourself From Faulty Perceptions

People are very free with their opinions and judgments these days, aren’t they? How quickly we are ready to “label” someone or ourselves because of a mistake, a choice or a trauma. We look at it as a permanent fixture, forever altering someone’s destiny. This book will help you stand up to those toxic label makers and reclaim your true identity. It’s time to break free from the chains of faulty perceptions, stigmas and stereotypes and live in the freedom we were created to enjoy.

Sex, Drugs, Vegas & Jesus

My Journey from Prostitute to Pastor

“Judy! You need to write a book about your story!”

I’ve heard it hundreds of times during my adult life, usually after someone has heard me share about my journey. I had never really considered attempting to write any book, much less one about my personal life that would require complete transparency and total vulnerability. The thought of revealing deeply private memories to the world is quite a daunting one.

Weird thoughts began to bombard my mind such as, “Judy, no one knows who you are. Will anyone even want to read this?” “Does anyone even care about this kind of thing?” “Will people judge me?” “This is a stupid idea. No one is going to believe me.”

But there’s something about a heavenly mandate; a supernatural calling that nudges you to get out of the boat and take a massive step of faith. It’s that Divine commission that has given me the courage to launch into this project.

My prayer is that as you walk alongside me through my life’s story, you will be inspired to know that your life is precious and it matters. Just like I had to discover I was born for a Divine purpose, you were too.

No matter what life has thrown at you, NEVER give up on you.